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Written by Chris Perver  
Monday, 22 January 2007 17:00
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An aide to Javier Solana, the High Representative for the European Common Foreign and Security Policy, has stated on the condition of anonymity that an historic change in the Middle East is coming within the next few weeks or months. Sources say the deal was negotiated by Israel and Egypt in co-ordination with the European Union and the United States....

Quote: "The Egyptian and European sources told WND the negotiations for an Israeli withdrawal were mediated by Egypt and the European Union, with U.S. input. The sources said major changes in Israeli-Palestinian affairs are expected within a few weeks to two months. According to an aid to European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana, speaking on condition of anonymity, there will be a "historic political evolution and movement in negotiations in the next few weeks and few months, unseen since the Camp David peace talks in 2000."

The "historic change" would involve the transfer of most of the West Bank to the control of President Abbas, rather than the Palestinian Authority run by Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh of Hamas. The United States and Britain have already handed over substantial funds and weapons to Abbas' "security forces". This would result in the unbelievable situation, where Israel's enemies completely surround the Jewish state, and are supported by the international community. All of Israel would then be within firing range of rockets, from Hizbullah in the north, Hamas in the west and Fatah in the east. In regards to the secret negotiations between Israel, Syria and the European Union, Javier Solana has stated that the EU will stand behind any decision Israel makes in regard to the apparent offer of peace from President Bashar Assad. 

Quote: "The European Union would support any decision Israel would make regarding negotiations with Syria, EU's foreign policy chief Javier Solana said in an interview with Channel 10 on Monday evening. Solana, who was asked by one of the presenters whether the EU thought Syrian President Bashar Assad's recent calls for peace talks with Israel were serious, said that judging from Syria's recent behavior towards the international community, the country may be difficult to believe. Therefore, he said, the EU would stand by any decision Israel would make regarding the Syrian president's offer.

Regarding the identity of the European dignitary that has been involved in the secret talks, it is difficult to know who he is, or what he represents. He could be just a well respected politician like Paddy Ashdown, who led a British political party for years, and later moved on to conflict resolution in Kosovo. He could just be undertaking the talks on an unofficial level, on behalf of the European Union or Javier Solana. In any case I don't think he could/should upstage Solana, who is slated for the job of EU Foreign Minister. He could be the man to make the agreement, which the Antichrist will later confirm or strengthen. The talks were probably undertaken in Switzerland, as this is "supposed" to be a politically neutral country, but I doubt if this would have anything to do with the dignitary's identity. On the other hand, Solana may not be the man, and this "super professional" dignitary could be the Antichrist. In any case we'll have to keep our eyes open.

Source WorldNetDaily, Jerusalem Post