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Written by Chris Perver  
Tuesday, 30 January 2007 17:00
Palestinian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Jamal A-Shubaki has revealed tonight that a breakthrough may be close at hand in the talks between terrorist organizations Fatah and Hamas regarding the establishment of a unity government. Hamas has so far denied the rumours, which come after weeks of tense negotiations between the European Union, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Syria. Earlier in the day, Egypt urged both Hamas and Fatah to create one big friendly terrorist army, in an effort to get both sides to come to an agreement.

Quote: "Israel Radio quoted Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos as saying that high-ranking officials in the international community had aided Palestinian factions to establish such a government by holding talks with Arab countries including Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The European Union hopes that the establishment of the unity government will pave the way for the Palestinian Authority's rehabilitation in international affairs, allowing the EU to send aid to the Palestinians and stabilize the region. British politicians have been complaining that the Quartet's (EU, US, UN, Russia) boycott of Hamas has driven it into the arms of Iran...

Quote: "A British parliamentary committee warned that the international boycott of the Hamas-led Palestinian government could set back the Middle East peace process and lead to further violence, in a report published Wednesday. The Commons International Development Committee report called the policy of trying to isolate the democratically elected government "questionable."

No doubt our friend and former UK Foreign Minister Jack Straw was one of those MPs. During his tenure in the Blair administration, he stated Britain desired "normalized relations" with Hamas, and that it might be possible for Hamas to recognize the "fact" of Israel's existence without recognizing its right to exist. If so, he hoped, aid to the Palestinian Authority could promptly be resumed. Jack Straw did more harm than good to Britain's relations with Israel, seeking to undermine Israeli authority in East Jerusalem, and labelling Israel's nuclear arsenal a threat to Middle East peace. 

Meanwhile, there were concerns in Lebanon this evening that Israel may be about to launch a new wave of attacks on Hizbullah positions, breaking a 5 month ceasefire. Eight people have been hospitalised after being exposed to deadly Israeli balloons that blew across the Israeli-Lebanese border...

Quote: ""The balloons are of Israeli origin with multi colours… and the phrase / Happy Year / was written on one of them… the balloons triggered an atmosphere of fear and tense among the families," Lebanese National News Agency reported.

You have been warned.

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