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Written by Chris Perver  
Sunday, 11 March 2007 17:00
Link from my friend Darrell...

Israeli Foreign Minister Livni has warned the European Union against offering further recognition to Hamas by opening dialogue with the new Palestinian unity government. Her comments were made just weeks before the expected formation of the government, which was agreed by Hamas and Fatah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia last month. It appears that some European countries are keen that the Mecca agreement should be seen as a first step towards the rehabilitation of the terrorist organization, a move Israel would see as a watering down of the three principles demanded by the Quartet (EU, US, UN, Russia). As I said before, I expected this would happen, for Hamas is resolute in not recognizing Israel's right to exist, and the international community wants peace at any cost.

Quote: "Her comments came as certain EU countries - Italy, France, Spain and Finland - are pressing for the EU to be more flexible in demanding that all contact with the PA government be cut off until it accepts the Quartet's three conditions. Senior government officials said Livni was not threatening the EU foreign ministers, but rather explaining what the consequences of their recognition of Hamas might be without that organization's acceptance of the three conditions. "We don't threaten Europe," one official said. "Livni just explained logically what the policy may lead to."

And she's right. If you open talks with Hamas, you are automatically sending the message that if you stick to your guns (no pun intended) you will get your way in the long run. French President Jacques Chirac pressed the EU to recognize the Palestinian unity government, but I did not know other states in Europe were also in cahoots with France. Our friend Javier Solana, the High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy, is also due to visit the region, including Lebanon, Syria and Saudi Arabia. Solana says this will be a "listening trip", to try and find a common way forward for the troubled peace process.

Quote: "Mr Chirac on Friday said he supported the Solana trip, which would deliver a firm message to Damascus to cooperate with the Hariri inquiry. "We have finally decided that Europe will speak with one voice, that of Mr Solana," he said, in response to a question by the Financial Times. "When I had my reservations it was because various ministers went in a disordered way when it is an issue that needs complete coherence from the EU."

On a side note, I had the most strange dream a few nights ago. I had watched a DVD of one of the series of the Incredible Hulk, in which this boxer was being poisoned through his water. I don't know how Solana got into it, but that night I dreamed I was sitting at a table with Javier Solana sitting more or less opposite me. I tried not to draw attention to myself by looking at him. A glass was on my table, and as I went to drink from it, I immediately spat it out as it had been poisoned by Solana. Then I woke up. That's crazy, but sometimes I get these weird dreams, and it feels like the devil is almost trying to attack me or kill me. Just this year I have a dream in which Solana has tried to poison me, one man tried to cut me open with a pen knife, and twice in one night I dreamed that a man tried to chop my head off with a sword. Every time I woke up just before it happened. And I don't watch scary movies.

Source Jerusalem Post, Financial Times