Hamas 'Mickey Mouse' urges kids to kill JewsPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Chris Perver  
Friday, 11 May 2007 17:00

His name is Farfour, and he sports big ears and white gloves just like the Disney creation, but this is no Mickey Mouse. Palestinian Media Watch, a group dedicated to exposing the indoctrination of Palestinians through their media to hate Israel, reports that Farfour is guilty of inciting hatred against Jews and urging Palestinian children to take up armed resistance against the "Zionist regime". If Mickey Mouse ever had an evil twin, this would be it.

Quote: "In one of Farfour's squeaky outbursts he says "Bush, we shall win! Condoleezza, we shall win! Sharon, we shall win!" And later Farfour takes part in a song that used the lines "we will destroy the throne of the tyrants, we will pour the fire of death on them." The Israeli foreign ministry denounced the programme and issued a lengthy statement accusing the programme-makers of using seeking to "indoctrinate Palestinian children to violence, hatred and murder".

Palestinian Authority Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti has criticized the broadcast, but the television station that aired the programme, Al Aqsa TV run by Hamas, has since stated that the programme will continue and accused the West and Israel of an orchestrated attack on Islam. Interestingly, Little Green Footballs reports that the video of the evil Mickey, posted to YouTube by Palestinian Media Watch in order to expose this death cult propaganda, has been removed due to "terms of use violation". You can see the video here. Farfour the mouse claims that Islam will conquer the world, and that the battle will begin with "all of Palestine" and will expand to Iraq and all Islamic countries now under "occupation". This video is sick, I can hardly believe young children are drinking in this Satanic propaganda.

Source Telegraph, Little Green Footballs