USA raises military aid to IsraelPDFPrintE-mail
Sunday, 29 July 2007 06:00

The State of Israel will gain military strength as USA increases its military by 25% - from 2.4bln$ to 3bln$. Over the period of 10 years the total sum will reach 30bln$.

US military aid towards Israel has for a long time been extensive. Interestingly it is preserved and even further extended regardless of actual political orientation of the team occupying the White House. Last increase was commanded by Clinton administration in year 2001 - from 1.8bln to 2.4bln. I think it just confirms what world has been sure about for years - Israel has very strong lobbying capabilities in and around the highest American authorities. On the military aspect further military aid will strengthen already powerful Israel warfare which soon may come handy against Muslim nations. Another aspect of that aid, other than just strengthening Israel and sending message to its Muslim neighbors, is tightening the technological ties between the two nations. Few people know that Israel successfully markets electronic warfare parts or even entire systems to American army - considered to be the most advanced in the world. This especially includes electro-optical systems for missile guidance, Rafael's Trophy system (for active vehicle protection against inbound projectiles) or unmanned autonomous vehicles for surveillance and patrolling - flying and floating!  Also, Israel produces range of combat vehicles on it's own: transporters, tanks and others. Famous Merkava Mark 4 tank is often compared as matching the capabilities of American M1A2 Abrams while providing better protection of the crew - Israel's highest asset. Israel has developed unbelievably high level of weaponry technology. This especially concerns electronic warfare. It has come to a point where Israel buys American F16Is and replaces approximately 50% of its avionics (aviation electronics) with her own components e.g. aerial electronic decoy system, helmet optical systems, onboard missiles or conformal fuel tanks.  I guess this is not only due to a fact that Israeli systems are better, but also because supporting her own military industry has always been a priority in Israel - why pay enormous money for advanced systems to Americans if we can replace them by our own ;). This does not change the fact that these products have to be an absolutely cutting edge technologies to be able to replace the originals without suppressing the original performance. The fact that some of these systems are exported to US proves that it is actually the opposite - the performance is better! Most of people will admit that Israel has become a modern and developed country despite her difficult geo-political location. Few of them however will truly understand how advanced and powerful Israel has become. Is this part of God's plan put in place in preparation for final events? This we can't know as only God knows the exact sequence of things to come, but does it not fit into the Biblical prophecy of final conflict between Israel and surrounding powers?

Source BBC