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Written by Chris Perver  
Saturday, 20 March 2010 11:31

The Temple Institute, the organization that has tasked itself with preparing for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, has filed a petition with the Supreme Court of Israel calling for the right for Jews to perform animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount. The group is fighting for the right of Jews to be able to fulfill their obligation to sacrifice a passover lamb at the site in accordance with Old Testament teaching. While it is not illegal for Jews to pray or perform sacrifices on the Temple Mount, the Israeli police have so far prevented any attempt to do so over fears that it could incite Arab and Muslim violence against Israel. Even though Israel holds sovereignty over the mount, the Islamic Waqf has administered the site since Israel recaptured the east of the city during the Six Day War. The political situation has so far prevented observant Jews from being able to rebuild the Jewish Temple, as foretold in the prophecies of Revelation and Ezekiel. But preparations are being made in anticipation of the day that this becomes possible. The Temple Institute have constructed many of the artefacts that are to be used in the Third Temple. Last year the organization began work on the foundation of the altar, which is to be transported to the Temple Mount at a later date. Last year also saw the completion of the two Golden Censers, which are to be used by the priests in the administration of the Temple. It is not the first time the Temple Institute has sought to recommence the Biblical sacrificial system. The Israeli police have routinely prevented Orthodox groups from sacrificing animals on the Temple Mount at passover, for fear of inciting a third Intifada against the Jewish state. On one particular year the Sanhedrin purchased a flock of sheep to sacrifice at passover, and although they did not receive permission from the police to perform the ritual, they did manage to parade two sheep on the route towards the Temple Mount. But their request to perform this latest sacrifice is likely to fall on deaf ears, so long as there is no lasting peace agreement in the Middle East and the Islamic Waqf remain in control of the Temple Mount.

Quote: ""The command to perform a Paschal [Passover] sacrifice is a positive commandment; the punishment for failing to perform it is 'karet' [lit. -- 'cut off', meaning that a person is cut off from the Nation of Israel], and it can be performed only on the day before Passover and only on the Temple Mount," the organization explained in a petition to the Supreme Court. Fighting the group's request are the Israel Police, who argue that the sacrifice would lead to Muslim riots and thus threaten public safety.

It is possible for the sacrificial system to be restarted without the Jewish Temple having been rebuilt (Ezra 3:6). But without the ashes of a Red Heifer to cleanse the priests and the Temple area, I don't see how the sacrifices could be carried out in a Biblical manner. In their unbelief in the finished work of the Messiah upon the cross, the Orthodox Jews have added all sorts of unbiblical ideas to the Scriptures in order to try and justify themselves before God. One such unbiblical idea is Kapparot, in which a live chicken is swung around a person's head before having its throat slit and its blood shed. The idea being that the blood of the chicken will cover the sins of the individual for another year. But this sacrifice has no foundation in Scripture, and is actually an insult to the one who has already redeemed us to God by His own blood (Hebrews 9:12). There is a reason why a lamb was required for the Passover sacrifice. It is because the paschal lamb would point prophetically to coming of the Lamb of God (John 1:29) who would bear away the sins of the world. He was the one who was without spot or blemish (1st Peter 1:19). He was the one who would be led as a lamb to the slaughter (Isaiah 53:7). He was the one that God would make an offering for our sin (Isaiah 53:10). Praise God that we have a more excellent sacrifice, one that need not be repeated year after year (Hebrews 10:12). Praise God that the offering of Jesus Christ was such that He has "put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself", Hebrews 9:26. And do you know something? If your sin has been put away by Christ, then it's gone! And nobody in heaven or earth has the authority to bring it up before you again. As the Scripture says, your "sins and iniquities will I remember NO MORE", Hebrews 10:17. You can't bring something up before God that He has already dealt with. That's why there is no more offering for sin. Do you know your sins forgiven? Have you found peace with God through the blood of His cross? (Colossians 1:20) Turn away from your sin. Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation today. It's the greatest decision you will ever make in your life.

Matthew 11:28
Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Source Arutz 7