Prophecy news relating to the Revived Roman Empire as spoken of in the book of Daniel
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21 EU asks for enhanced status at UN Chris Perver
22 Spain boosts ties with PA ahead of EuroMed summit Chris Perver
23 EU appoints first permanent ambassador to the US Chris Perver
24 Solana steps down as Lisbon becomes law Chris Perver
25 EU eyes bigger global role Chris Perver
26 Blair tipped for presidency as Ireland approves treaty Chris Perver
27 Labour Euro-phile slams 'undemocratic' Lisbon treaty Chris Perver
28 Sarkozy offers UPM support if Israel halts settlements Chris Perver
29 González favoured to become first EU President Chris Perver
30 EU to revive Mediterranean Union Chris Perver
31 Israel seeks increased role for EU at Rafah Chris Perver
32 Czech government collapses ahead of EU summit Chris Perver
33 Greece discloses details of airline UFO encounter Chris Perver
34 Union for the Mediterranean signs water management agreement Chris Perver
35 EU looks to approve Eastern Partnership next year Chris Perver
36 FT columnist foresees EU expansion to global government Chris Perver
37 Czechs apologize for embarrassing Sarkozy 'transcript' Chris Perver
38 'Israelis and Palestinians should become Europeans' Chris Perver
39 Barcelona chosen as headquarters for Mediterranean Union Chris Perver
40 Jungreis urges Jews to prepare for the coming of Messiah Chris Perver
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