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Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 13 December 2007 06:08

Leaders from across the European Union met in Lisbon yesterday for the signing of two documents which are set to fundamentally change the way the EU works forever. Yesterday afternoon, European leaders added their signatures to the European Charter on Fundamental Rights, in essence a European Constitution in all but name. British MEPs expressed their opposition to the EU Constitution at the ceremony, waving placards calling for a national referendum on the treaty and disrupting Commission President José Manuel Barroso and Portuguese President José Sócrates as they delivered their speeches on the occasion.

Quote: "Welsh Green MEP Jill Evans said that the UK opt-outs meant that British MEPs could not participate in the celebrations as the charter was formally adopted. “Nothing highlights our disadvantage in Europe more than watching everyone except Britain and possibly Poland sign up to the charter of fundamental rights… those of us who are denied the protection of the charter could only stand on the sidelines,” she said. However UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, one of the prime movers of the protest, said: "This is the new EU in action, showing the world a united face as they steamroll towards their own superstate while totally refusing to allow anyone to see a different point of view."

Following the rejection of the original draft of the EU Constitution by France and Holland in 2005, the treaty was hurriedly split into two parts:- a "Charter of Fundamental Rights" which outlines the basic human rights guaranteed to EU citizens, and an "Amending Treaty" which combines all previous European treaties in one document, along with several major amendments. Only the Republic of Ireland will hold a referendum on the adoption of the treaties, but only because Ireland's own constitution requires it by law. The Labour government had promised the British electorate a referendum on the EU Constitution after facing intense public pressure over the issue. But after the document was split in two, former Prime Minister Tony Blair claimed that a referendum was no longer required, for Britain was not signing up to the Charter on Fundamental Rights and as a result Britain's sovereignty would not be affected. But it is the "Amending Treaty" which changes how the EU functions as an organization, and its ratification will create the new posts of EU President and Foreign Minister. Britain's "red lines" only suspends the adoption of the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights in the UK, it does not prohibit it completely. European leaders met inside a 16th century monastery in Lisbon today, to add their signatures to the "Amending Treaty". 

Quote: "'It is the treaty of an enlarged Europe from the Mediterranean to the Baltic, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea. A Europe that shares common values and common ambitions,' Barroso said. 'For the first time, the countries that were once divided by a totalitarian curtain, are now united in support of a common treaty that they had themselves negotiated,' Barroso said. EU leaders were greeted under the Portuguese sun outside Lisbon's Jeronimos Monastery by Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates and his foreign minister, Luis Amado. The officials were putting their signatures to the text inside the monastery, an imposing 16th-century building that homes the tomb of explorer Vasco da Gama and other prominent figures of Portuguese history.

EU ConstitutionWhat is the European Union's fascination with Roman Catholicism? Why meet in a 16th century monastery to sign a 21st century agreement? Who will forget that impressive picture of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, signing the original EU Constitution under the dominating figure of Pope Innocent X? The Bible predicted the revival of the Roman Empire in these last days. In the book of Revelation, the apostle John sees a beast rising up out of the sea. Throughout the Scriptures world empires are likened by God to beastly animals which devour the earth (Daniel 7). The sea is representative of the Gentiles, and can sometimes be a specific reference to the Mediterranean. This beast is unique in that it "rises up" out of the people. It hasn't been forged through conquest or war. In the same way, the European Union is unique in that it has been created through peaceful means by the will of state governments, rather than through the efforts of dictators like Hitler. The apostle John also states that he sees an adulterous woman riding upon the back of this beast. In the Scriptures, apostate religions are always likened to adulterous women (Jezebel - Revelation 2:20, Aholah and Aholibah - Ezekiel 23:4). In the middle of the tribulation period, this woman is thrown off the back of the beast and raped (Revelation 17:16). The story is from Greek mythology but is used in the Word of God to identify the last world empire. It was the goddess Europa that was raped by Zeus, from which the European continent derives its name. This image of Europa on the back of the bull is found throughout the European Union. It is emblazoned on our promotional material, a statue of Europa stands outside the Council of Ministers Office in Brussels and it is even on the back of our coins. The book of Daniel also states that the Antichrist would be the ruler of the people who would "destroy the city and sanctuary" following the crucifixion of the Messiah (Daniel 9:26). Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed by the Roman armies under command of Titus in 70AD. And the adulterous woman of Revelation identifies closely with the city of Rome, which is the world headquarters of Roman Catholicism. I believe Roman Catholicism will continue to play a big part in end time events, seeking to reunite all the apostate denominations and world religions under the umbrella of ecumenicalism. That is, until the day when the Antichrist takes control of the world political and religious systems, and the Harlot Church is thrown off the beast's back. Praise God that all who believe on Jesus Christ for salvation are blood-bought members of Christ's Body - the true Church, and that He is coming soon to take His Bride home to heaven. Have you trusted in Him for salvation? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.

Revelation 17:1-2
And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

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