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Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 26 April 2007 17:00

Sorry I've not put many updates on the site. I've been very busy in work the past week, and I needed a rest. These links from my friends Tony and Cheryl...

The European Parliament in Strasbourg has approved a resolution Wednesday condemning Poland's prohibition on the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle in schools. The Parliament held an hour long debate, which resulted in MEPs from Poland and Northern Ireland walking out in protest, while members of other European states stayed to defend what the Parliament labelled "homophobic" views. The European Parliament plans to send a fact-finding team to Poland, and will take any state that "discriminates" against homosexuality to court.

Quote: "Beginning the debate in the EP France's MEP Rour Martine called statements in defense of the traditional family by Polish parliamentarians, "diatribes" and noted that they "must stop", adding that they were "repulsive" and "hateful". "These are not Europe's values," she proclaimed. The statements from France were supported by Sophia in't Veld of the Netherlands who also accused the Polish government of "hatred" and demanded action rather than words from the EU governing body. Italy's Giusto Catania joined in the attack on Poland adding an attack on the church as well which he said never stopped in expressing hatred toward homosexuals.

How have we come from a situation where homosexual acts were once a punishable offence, to where homosexuality is paraded for all to see, lauded by the media and propagated in schools with the backing of the state? Homosexuality was decriminalized in our country about two decades ago, but this current Labour government has done more for the homosexual cause than any other, repealing legislation prohibiting the promotion of gay lifestyles in schools and most recently legalizing gay marriage and criminalizing homosexual "discrimination". Today's news confirms to me that these laws aren't coming from Britain, but from the EU and ultimately Satan himself. But it's not just European's that are facing a homosexual onslaught, the US may soon vote on a new "Hate-Crime" bill which will give special protection to homosexuals in federal law. Christian organizations are warning that Christians who "discriminate" against homosexuals by refusing them membership of their church, or preach that homosexuality is an offence to God, could find themselves in court with this law.

Quote: ""Most persons who are concerned about imminent passage of the federal 'anti-hate' bill don't realize that S. 1105 in the Senate and H.R. 1592 in the House are actually amendments to a federal hate law passed in 1969. During the height of the civil rights movement, 'Title 18, U.S.C., Sec. 245' stipulated that no one could verbally '... attempt to ... intimidate' another person (chiefly black) away from enjoyment of their federally protected right to equal employment, public services, housing, voting rights, jury privileges, etc. If the government finds such verbal 'intimidation' in a state and state officials are not enforcing these guarantees, the federal government can invade states' rights in local law enforcement, upholding Title 18," he said. Now, in 2007, he said, "the present hate bill grants [special rights] to homosexuals, transvestites, and transsexuals."  

So it seems the laws which were good and originally intended to protect the innocent and prosecute the guilty are now being twisted to protect the guilty and prosecute the innocent. And if we don't face it in all its fury before the rapture, you can bet the tribulation saints will have a time of it when it comes to standing for Christ. It seems even in Josiah's day, the homosexuals were sticking up their noses at God, building their houses right beside the Temple. Would to God that we had a few more parliamentarians like Josiah...

2nd Kings 23:7 
And he [king Josiah] brake down the houses of the sodomites, that were by the house of the LORD, where the women wove hangings for the grove.

I like what Larry Norman says in his song, Satan can only take away so much, but there are some things that he cannot take away. He can't take away the Church (for the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it - Matthew 16:18), he can't take away the Bible (for God's Word cannot pass away - Matthew 24:35), and he can't take away the Lord from those that believe.

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