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Written by Chris Perver  
Wednesday, 04 July 2007 16:32

My favourite Christian hymn is the King's Business. That's what I call it anyway, as I don't know its proper title. It gives me such hope and encouragement when I feel down and discouraged, for it reminds me that as a Christian, I serve another King and am a representative of another Country. Of course that Country is heaven, as the Bible states in Philippeans 3:20 and Hebrews 11:16. The words of that hymn are as follows.

I am a stranger here, within a foreign land;
My home is far away, upon a golden strand;
Ambassador to be of realms beyond the sea,
I'm here on business for my King.

This is the message that I bring,
A message angels fain would sing:
"Oh, be ye reconciled,"
Thus saith my Lord and King,
"Oh, be ye reconciled to God."

The theme of the song is taken from 2nd Corinthians 5:20, which states that we are ambassadors for Christ. That is, we have been sent by the Lord Jesus Christ into the world to be witnesses in His place, and as Paul states, the message that we bring is "be ye reconciled to God". I hope that the Lord would help me to be a greater witness and more faithful ambassador for Him, for I fall so far short of what that should be. But today I felt like drawing a picture on the computer of what goes through my head when listening to the first verse of that chorus being sung. It's not really that good, as I haven't spent a lot of time on it. But it's a picture of the heavenly country, to which I now belong, a land beyond the sea, where there is no night and where the King of that place wipes away all tears from their eyes.

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