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Written by Chris Perver  
Wednesday, 16 May 2007 17:00
Thanks very much for your emails, I appreciate them very much. I think people may be misunderstanding my thoughts. It's not that I feel depressed that we are somehow fighting a loosing battle against sin in this world. I have felt angry at times when I wrote those letters and emails to the Labour government, to MPs and to the BBC and OfCom. But I don't feel angry today. I am just wondering, when Christ said that we are the "light of the world", how should that light shine? Does being a light involve more than just opposing the darkness?

We often hear about the culture war in America, and I do believe it's real. And many Christians have been involved in ensuring big companies recognize Christmas, that the 10 commandments are kept in our courtrooms and that the US remains "one nation under God". But I wonder, are we being effective lights by just opposing unjust and immoral laws, or would we more effective by preaching the Gospel and showing God's love? I'm not condemning Christians that stand up for what they believe in, that is important. And we do need to be good witnesses for Christ in this world, and to pray for those in authority that we might live a quiet and peaceable life. But the world cannot live by God's laws, the world is at enmity with God. I am wondering if I could be a better light for the Lord by doing good and proclaiming the Gospel, rather than sending emails to MPs complaining when they don't see my point of view? Perhaps at least then, people might be saved and restored, and the culture may change when the people's hearts are in the right place. I do not read of the Lord Jesus or the disciples opposing the unjust laws of Israel or the Roman Empire, but I do read of them going everywhere proclaiming the Gospel. 

I ask these questions, that I might be a better light for the Lord. That is my heart's desire.