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Written by Chris Perver  
Sunday, 17 June 2007 08:45
My thoughts regarding Prophecy in the news, and how the new site should be used. Last weekend I decided to have a look at see what domain names were available on the net for prophecy related subjects. The first name I typed in was "prophecynews". The search revealed that all the domain names for "prophecynews" were already taken (.com, .net, etc.), no surprise there. Exept one, that was "". I thought, this is wonderful, for I had always intended to purchase a domain name for "Prophecy in the news", if I got a good number of hits. So I went ahead and ordered it, and spent all of yesterday setting it up. This website has 20 gigabytes of space, which should last quite a long time. My previous website had 100 megabytes space, and I had only used up 10 megabytes within three years.

So what's the aim for Before I started Prophecy in the news, I had been praying for over a year that the Lord would use me in His work. Like Isaiah my prayer to the Lord was, "Here am I, send me", Isaiah 6:8. I was prepared to go anywhere and do anything, whether it would take me to Africa or Israel on mission work. I just wanted to be used of God. Well I didn't get going to Africa or Israel on mission work. But I did start this website, at first for my own benefit, to keep a daily record of all events taking place related to Biblical prophecy. So many things are happening that are prophesied in the Scriptures, and I wanted to keep track of them all. Sadly many people, including many Christians, do not realize how significant the days that we are living in are. The other aim for the website was to proclaim the Gospel, in the hope that many people would be saved. But instead of that happening, many Christians kept emailing me, telling me how they were greatly encouraged by this website. Not the result I expected at all, but I believe the Lord is using the website to encourage other Christians to go out and do the proclaiming of the Gospel. 

The Lord has blessed the site much over the last few years, and has used it to speak into the lives of many people. As I have said so many times, this is not my doing, this is the Lord's doing and it is marvellous in my eyes (Psalm 118:23). Many people from across the world visit the website daily, and my desire is that this will increase greatly, so that the Lord's name would be praised all across the world. The old site served its purpose well, but it was restricted in that it was HTML only. Only I was able to submit news articles to the site, and others were not able to contribute their own thoughts. I didn't want people trying to hack into the site, or others posting abusive comments. But in the three years that Prophecy in the news has been online, I have only had a couple of emails that were antagonistic. So I feel that it will be possible to open the site up, so that many more people will use it and God's name will be praised.

I will still post news articles to the site on a daily basis, but others should contribute too. I have created a few sections. "Newsflashes" is for short comments on a particular event, maybe a link and a paragraph on what is happening, and possibly how it relates to Scripture. "News" is where regular news commentaries will be placed, and this is divided up into the usual prophetic topics. "Articles" is where articles relating to end time prophecy, Christian doctrine or anything else spiritual will be placed, and are generally unrelated to current news events. If a lot of people do contribute, I may need a few moderators who are prepared to review submissions and accept them for publication on the site. And in the event that my trip to Israel in October takes place God willing, it would be great if people would continue to submit news in my absence. 

As I said before, this site exists for God's glory, and it is in that spirit that I hope it will continue.

John 15:5
I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.