The Blood of YeshuaPDFPrintE-mail
Wednesday, 08 August 2007 13:29

Psalm 22, a Messianic Psalm, begins with the words, "My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?" Of the seven words from the cross, these words are perhaps the most mysterious. And of these words, the central word is, 'WHY?' Why did the Creator of the world and the King of Glory allow Himself to be made lowly as man and to offer himself a sacrifice for the Redemption of men? WHY did Yeshua suffer and die for you and me? Because... without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin (Heb 9:22) and that sacrifice must be one without blemish or guilt. Yeshua the Messiah is the one and only substitute who could qualify to be the atoning Lamb whose blood could redeem us. The ONLY one in all of time and eternity. And He was willing to make the uttermost sacrifice for sinful man. In verse 6 of this great Psalm describing the suffering of Yeshua on the cross, our Saviour makes a rather puzzling statement: "But I am a worm, and no man." How could Yeshua describe Himself so? A close study of the word "worm" as used in this text will render a deeper appreciation for what our Saviour is relating. The Hebrew word for worm, used in this text, is "TOLA'AT" תולעת Strongs Concordance 8438 (crimson worm) The Crimson worm is common to the region of old Israel and was used in the dying of garments to scarlet. When the Crimson worm is prepared to reproduce offspring (and she does so only once in her life) she attaches herself to a tree or a wooden fencepost in such a way that she can never be removed without tearing her body completely apart. And when her young ones arrive, they feed upon the LIVING body of the mother "a painful sacrifice". Then, when the young are able to survive apart from the mother, she dies. And as she dies, she exudes a scarlet dye which not only stains the tree, but her young ones as well. Thus they are coloured by the mother's scarlet dye and remain so for the remainder of their lives. How like the blood of Yeshua, forever shed as a covering for us! The most important and critical question any of us can ask ourselves is, "Are we covered by the blood of Yeshua? Are our doorposts and lintels stained with his redeeming blood (Exodus 12:22)? When others look upon us, do they see the blood of our Lord Yeshua?" How about you, my friends? Are you covered by the Blood? PRAISE THE NAME OF YESHUA!

Hu Adon, Hu Adon, Hu kam min amitim vey Hu Adon.

He is Lord, He is Lord. He has risen from the dead and He is Lord.