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Written by Chris Perver  
Wednesday, 24 October 2007 10:26
Hi All,
And greetings once again from Johannesburg, from where this will hopefully, God willing, be my last update.
My orthopod Doctor has given me the go ahead to fly home at the end of next week!    That does not mean that I go home home, it means I go to a hospital somewhere and have bed rest for another week before I can get up and start walking.
However, I have reached the "halfway mark" now - (3 weeks and 6 days) of lying in bed 24 hours a day.    I didn't think I'd manage but so far so good.    And I don't really have much choice - in fact, any choice.
I will probably be the only person to ever come to Jo'burg for 5 weeks and never stand on the ground, which is quite an achievement, I think!
Anyway I am feeling very well now - not much pain and apart from having 4kg weights on my leg, I'm not doing too bad.
I have had an amazing team of people looking after me, and I cannot praise them highly enough.    I have had 7 doctors looking after me and  4 of them visit every day.    The nurses are excellent and I'm being well cared for.    Mum is also fine, both of us being encouraged and supported by the local Christians we have met.
The days are quite long since they wake me at 4am to take blood, then we get tea at 04h30.    I have a lovely bed "neighbour" Pat, who keeps my sanity, and we can enjoy some laughs despite it all.     Every day I ask God to give me the strength to manage another day and He has not failed me!    Lying flat on my back is not an easy thing for me to do - in fact it is the hardest thing I think I have ever done, but I ask myself, what is God teaching me from this?   Certainly patience and long suffering come to mind!    No doubt His plan will come to be seen.
Anyway, thanks to everyone who has sent me cards, e-mails, even flowers (thank you Neil & Dawn) - I have been overwhelmed by the love and kindness of so many.    I know God will bless you all!   
I'll be in touch again when I reach N.I. God willing, but in the meantime I'll sign off.    Thanks to all who have prayed and continue to pray for me.     It is only prayer that has helped me through and I am grateful to the Lord for sparing my life.    I am truly grateful to you as I know much prayer has gone up on my behalf.
May God bless each one of you.
Much love in Him,