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Saturday, 05 January 2008 11:40

The Jewish religion doesn't follow the New Testament and if any Jew is found to follow it and believe they are persecuted.  A few weeks ago we had a guest speaker, Mr. Atwood , come to our Messianic congregation.  He spoke of witnessing to the Jewish people and also spoke about translating the New Testament into Hebrew and distribuing it to the Jews.  Mr. Atwood felt that he was called by G-d to have the New Testament translated into Hebrew, published and made available for non-believing Jews.  He thought that this was a crazy idea considering that the Jewish people don't agree with the New Testament.  But, he followed through and did what G-d told him to do.  He has now been able to distribute copies of the New Testament written in Hebrew to 40 countries. 
He was telling us that it is amazing to see what is happening.  He told us about a time recently that he was in a jewelry store in Philadelphia and the owner of the store recognized who Mr. Atwood was.  The owner of store came running over to him asking Mr. Atwood if he had "the book" (they won't refer to it as the Bible immediately).  Mr. Atwood told the store owner that he does have "the book" and the store owner got all excited.  When Mr. Atwood gave the Jewish store owner a copy of the New Testament, the store owner started running around the store praising G-d and screaming "I got the book, I got the book".  About this time a couple of Hassidic (spelling ?) rabbi's came into the store and wanted to know what the commotion was.  The store owner told them that he got "the book" at that time the rabbis and the store owner huddled together and began to read the New Testament!  Mr. Atwood said you could literally see their eyes being uncovered to the truth.  The next day the same Hassidic rabbis came to Mr. Atwood and requested to receive 50 copies of the Hebrew New Testament so that they could hand them out to people in their synagogues!  Mr. Atwood said that the Jewish people are welcoming the translated New Testaments at an alarming rate especially here in the US.
It was a truly amazing experience listening to Mr. Atwood and to hear that the Jewish people are having their eyes uncovered by G-d.  Just like in Acts 17:10-12 "The Jews of Berea searched the scriptures daily...therefore many of them believed."

The Bible states that Jews have been blinded to the truth by G-d but in the end times they will begin to see and cry out "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord". 

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