Prophecy news relating specifically to the United Kingdom
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1 Ashers bakery in court for refusing to make cake in support of homosexual 'marriage' Chris Perver
2 British Museum: Prototype for Noah's Ark was 'round' Chris Perver
3 UKIP councillor: Floods divine punishment for 'gay marriage' Chris Perver
4 UK teacher investigated on 'gay marriage' views Chris Perver
5 UK government unveils homosexual 'marriage' bill Chris Perver
6 UK to legalize homosexual 'marriage' by 2015 Chris Perver
7 British PM commits to legalizing homosexual marriage Chris Perver
8 BBC to broadcast man taking his life Chris Perver
9 EHRC urges Scotland to adopt homosexual marriage Chris Perver
10 UK judges rule against Christian adoption Chris Perver
11 UK may allow churches to hold gay 'marriages' Chris Perver
12 Hawking warns over contact with extra-terrestrials Chris Perver
13 Judge to rule on UK diplomat for anti-Israel tirade Chris Perver
14 London prayer vigil for Maryam and Marzieh Chris Perver
15 Britain to air abortion advertisements on television Chris Perver
16 Foster parent struck off after child converts to Christianity Chris Perver
17 British Police rapped for flying gay pride colours Chris Perver
18 British police to get powers to demand proof of ID Chris Perver
19 Brown says now is the time to build new global society Chris Perver
20 Blair lectures Yale students on faith and globalization Chris Perver
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