Prophecy news relating to the Revived Roman Empire as spoken of in the book of Daniel
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41 Barroso and Sarkozy plead for permanent EU presidency Chris Perver
42 EuroMed Parliamentary Assembly seeks to lead Mediterranean Union Chris Perver
43 Bahrain calls for regional grouping to solve Middle East conflict Chris Perver
44 Archbishop of Canterbury to visit Lourdes Chris Perver
45 Mediterranean summit hailed as 'best news for peace in the Middle East' Chris Perver
46 Gaddafi bows out of Mediterranean summit Chris Perver
47 The treaty that just won't die Chris Perver
48 Arabs meet to discuss Mediterranean Union plan Chris Perver
49 Belief in extra-terrestrial life compatible with Catholicism Chris Perver
50 Sarkozy: Mideast conflict must not hinder Mediterranean Union Chris Perver
51 Solana clarifies Europe's role in the Middle East Chris Perver
52 Barroso: EU is a 'non-imperial empire' Chris Perver
53 EU leaders to adopt Mediterranean Union plan Chris Perver
54 UK votes against referendum on EU Constitution Chris Perver
55 Vatican to hold historic summit with Islamic clerics Chris Perver
56 Rome exhumes body of Padre Pio Chris Perver
57 'Jesus' of Siberia Chris Perver
58 DUP advisor names Pope as the Antichrist Chris Perver
59 Committee slams UK government over stealth-constitution Chris Perver
60 Don't poison your children
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