Report: 'EU mediator' brokers deal with SyriaPrint
Written by Chris Perver  
Monday, 15 January 2007 17:00
This link from my friends Darrell and elijahreborn...

Israel has denied all knowledge of an agreement with Syria, but according to Haaretz, talks between the two nations have been going on for several years. It is reported that Israeli and Syrian officials have agreed on a document detailing the disengagement from the Golan Heights, in return for co-operation from Damascus on certain issues. There is no time-table for the agreement to be implemented by, neither is it legally binding, it is simply a document of understandings between the two countries. The points of the plan are as follows...

Quote: "1) An agreement of principles will be signed between the two countries, and following the fulfilment of all commitments, a peace agreement will be signed.
2) As part of the agreement on principles, Israel will withdraw from the Golan Heights to the lines of 4 June, 1967. The timetable for the withdrawal remained open: Syria demanded the pullout be carried out over a five-year period, while Israel asked for the withdrawal to be spread out over 15 years.
3) At the buffer zone, along Lake Kinneret, a park will be set up for joint use by Israelis and Syrians. The park will cover a significant portion of the Golan Heights. Israelis will be free to access the park and their presence will not be dependent on Syrian approval. 
4) Israel will retain control over the use of the waters of the Jordan River and Lake Kinneret. 
5) The border area will be demilitarised along a 1:4 ratio (in terms of territory) in Israel's favor.
6) According to the terms, Syria will also agree to end its support for Hezbollah and Hamas and will distance itself from Iran.

The Haaretz report states that the plan was formulated by Dr. Liel, a former Foreign Ministry Director General and former Israeli ambassador to Turkey, with the help of a "European mediator" who has not been named. Haaretz was provided the details about the conversations, on condition that the identities of the mediator and two other Israelis who participated in some of the meetings not be published. 

Quote: ""I was convinced that the Syrians want a peace agreement with you," the European mediator reported directly to official Israeli sources even before the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri in February 2005 and the investigation that began afterward. His impression was that the Syrian motive for the murder went far deeper than fear of revenge from the United States or France, which points to Assad as the one responsible for Harare's death. "Farouk Shara told me radical Islam constitutes a threat to Syria and that peace is the only way to halt it," the mediator said. He said the Syrians told him that in a few years, they would lose their oil sources and need significant amounts of foreign currency to purchase energy from external sources. The Alawite regime realizes, the European mediator said, that in order to survive, it has to bring foreign currency into Syria, and that no sane businessman would invest his fortune in a country that is not at peace with its neighbours.

Around eight meetings took place in a European capital between Israel and the Syrians since September 2004, the last of which occurred during the Israeli-Hizbullah conflict last Autumn. The full text of the document can be read here.

Friends, I find this news very intriguing. The Bible states that it will be a European leader who will broker a seven year covenant between Israel and many nations. Whoever this "mediator" is, he certainly seems to have the political savvy that the book of Daniel describes the Antichrist as having (Daniel 11:21). And why the cloak of secrecy surrounding his identity, and the identities of the two other Israelis? And I wonder if it was the same EU mediator that agreed the deal with Hamas earlier in the month?

Daniel 9:26 
And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people (Romans) of the "prince that shall come" (Antichrist) shall destroy the city and the sanctuary (AD 70); and the end thereof [shall be] with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

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