EU summit to sneak in failed EU constitution proposals?Print
Wednesday, 20 June 2007 13:27

Germany is very much eager to vow tomorrows EU summit a success and does all sorts of things to convince sceptic members to comply with range of proposals. But isn't it sneaking in an evil agenda at the same time?

While the UK and Poland have some meritoric issues, like the voting system (Poland) or EU's influence into foreign affairs and domestic laws (UK&PL), there is another thing that popped up just today (link in Polish only, sorry I did not find english one). Apparently, among all the paragraphs, there is one that was added to the draft at last minute. It is a part taken directly from the failed EU constitution proposal. Now try to guess what it can be ... it is a preamble! And guess what, it's not chandged at all, it still does not have a reference to God nor Christian values which Poland backed so vigorously last time this subject was brought up. It is, as agencies quote, a direct copy of the controversial EU constitution preamble questioned already some time ago. Interesting thing to ask is why so much burden in forcing this element into an ordinary treaty document, it is not the Constitution - not even close, it does not have its ranking nor importance. So why risk another clash when there are so many differences already and tomorrow's summit faces failure?  Why is preamble without reference to God, coming back like a boomerang each time there is a chance to have new EU document agreed by member states? I leave the answer to you...